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You’re motivated and want to start working quickly ? I hear that !
In just a few steps we will be able to get you started with clear objectives !


Choose the best offer

You can choose between various options to suit your needs and your budget.


Make an appointment

Book you free consultation so we can get to know each other and work on an action plan to achieve your goals.


Create a planning

A good plan is the key to success and will keep you accountable. Every week, you will receive your training plan.


Start the hard work !

Now you have all the keys to change your life, you just have to follow the plan and start your journey. Of course, I will be here along the way to keep you motivated and monitor your efforts.



Personal training

Get fit and healthy without having to leave your house

You don’t need a gym membership however you need to be based in central London.
Training can be done in the comfort of your home or outside in a park.

Your personalized program

  • To help you achieve your goals, you will have a personalized program that will be adjusted every week based on your progression and feedbacks.
  • We will have a catch up every week to assess your progress and address any concern you may have; I am also available 24/7 via message.

Nutritional coaching

  • I will analyse your diet and give you recommendations. The aim is for you to implements new habits that will help you feel good and full of energy for your next training session.
  • Please note that I am not a registered dietitian and therefore will not give you a meal plan and will not ask you to follow a restricted diet.
  • Of course you don’t have to be vegan or plant based to apply for coaching service!

Book your free consultation right now !

The first appointment will help me learn more about you. Together we will define a specific goal to build your personalized program.

1 session

£ 40/session

5 sessions

£ 180

10 sessions

£ 340


Don’t waste anymore time, let’s meet !

This first appointment will help us to build you a planning acording to your objectives.

April 2021
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Who am I ?

Runner & triathlete

I started running 6 years ago, I love to push my limits and challenge myself in races such as 10km, marathons or Ironman.

Personal Trainer L3 & PN certify

I am certify as fitness instructor, personal trainer and precision nutrition coach to make sure that I have all the tools to help you.


I have started eating a plant base diet 3 years ago and I love experiencing with new and delicious recipes.


I am from Brittany in France and moved to London 5 years ago. I can provide training in French and English.

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Always on the run !

I started running a few years ago to try to stay active, at that time I was running for 30 min and struggled to run longer. Then I slowly increased the distance and finally decided to sign up for my first half marathon. It was really painful during the last kilometres, but I kept pushing and managed to finish the race. I remember at the end thinking that I will never be able to run a full marathon!

Today I have completed 4 marathons! It’s my favourite race distance, and I love challenging myself and improving my time each time. I also enjoy going to the gym, swimming, cycling, and practicing yoga. I think pursuing a wide variety of activities is essential for a healthy body and healthy mind. My main motivation for training is performance and well-being, which I think is much more rewarding that training for a physique. When you will see what your body is able to do when you put your mind into it, your confidence, physique and mental health will improve.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to be healthy and to feel confident.

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June 13, 2020

This is the prefect banana bread recipe! It’s light, low in sugar and healthy! Ingredients: 4 bananas6 dattes1 orange85ml plant milk30g coconut oil1tsp vanilla extract350g all purpose flour40g brown sugar15g flaxseeds1tsp baking powder1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda1 tsp cinnamon25g walnuts, chopped Method: Preheat the oven at 180°C.In a blender mix together the wet ingredients: 3…

Running: How to avoid injury?

June 6, 2020

Getting injured because of running is probably every runner’s biggest fear! Make sure that you follow the advises below to stay injury free while running. 🙂 1- Don’t increase your running distance too fast. when you start running, your fitness level will increase very fast and it is very tempting to increase your running distance…

Why Diets doesn’t work?

May 29, 2020

It’s really tempting to follow the last trending diet when you want to lose weight. People want to believe that there is a magic pill to lose weight but unfortunately it doesn’t work like this. Diets are not sustainable which means that once you have reached your goal and start eating as you used it,…

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